Geared Adapters & Pumps

Geared Adapters

You can count on Chelsea to deliver the power you need for your mid-range and light duty transmissions with our four geared adapters.

Our 626, 628, 630, and 645 Series geared adapters are designed to do the tough jobs you need to get done. The Chelsea tapered bearing design provides maximum load bearing capabilities and eliminates your worries about torque capacity decreasing when using an adapter with your PTO.

Whether you need to solve an interference problem or change PTO output shaft rotations, we have what you need.
•Same gearing as Chelsea’s 442 Series

•Tapered cone bearings, cast iron housing for ruggedness

•Optional pressure lube

•626 Series changes rotation on 6-bolt PTO mounted to 6-bolt transmission

•628 Series changes rotation on 6-bolt PTO mounted to 8-bolt transmission

•645 Series moves PTO to 45° angle to help eliminate interference problems



Geared Pumps

•Pump/valve combinations

•Available in remote mount or direct PTO Mount

•Two or three-line installations on G101/G102; three or four-line installations on G104/G105

•Air remote operators available

•Supplied with 138 Bar (2000 PSI) relief valve

•Pressures to 172 Bar (2500 PSI)