Air & Vacuum Release Valves

Air/Pressure Relief Valves •Designed to relieve air pressure at a specific pressure setting (customer to advise when ordering – typical setting 15-25 PSI)
•Air Relief Flow Rates: ◦A2180 up to 500 SCFM
◦A2182 up to 1400 SCFM
◦A3180 up to 1300 SCFM

•All 2180 and 2182 series valves use white food grade, high temperature (400°F) elastomer diaphragms.
•Tamper proof safety is improved by replacing old wire/lead seals with new cup seals which are more secure.
•In the US the customer can choose the preset pressure tolerance: a) the conventional tolerance is set pressure +3/-0 PSI b) the “A” absolute tolerance is set pressure +1/-0 PSI. The tighter tolerance air reliefs are designated with the prefix “A”. (A2180, A3180, A2182)
•For the Canadian market only the “A” or absolute (+1/-0 PSI) tolerance air reliefs are available. Note: Adjustable models A2180ADJ and A3108ADJ are only available with absolute (+1/-0 PSI) tolerance settings and are adjustable + or – 3 PSI from specified setting.

Part Description
2180/xx 2″ female NPT
A2180/xx 3″ female NPT
3180/xx 3″ female NPT
A3180/xx 3″ female NPT

Part Description
A2180/xxADJ Adjustable 2″ female NPT
A3180/xxADJ Adjustable 3″ female NPT

Part Description
2180B/xx 2″ adapter
A2180B/xx 2″ adapter

Part Description
2180V/xx 2″ grooved end
A2180V/xx 2″ grooved end

Vacuum Relief Valves
Vacuum relief valves are safety valves which relieve vacuum (instead of pressure) when exceeding a specific setting. Customers must advise vacuum settings required when ordering – typical setting 10-18 inches of mercury. The typical construction includes an aluminum top, anti-galling alloy inlets, bronze valve, stainless steel spring, male inlets, and female outlets.