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  • Extremely easy to open and close without inserting clips or pins. Ideal for vibration tolerant locking.
  • Resistant to accidental disconnection when dragged.
  • Cast-in lugs allow safety clips to be attached once the lugs are passed through slots in the special cam lever arms. These clips prevent the coupler from being unlocked until they are removed, providing a positive locking action
  • Durable stainless steel cam arm pins will not rust or bind.
  • Recess holds gasket firmly in place, ensuring proper placement.
  • Long shank design allows proper banding thus eliminating the major cause of hose damage.


Type A
(male adapter x female NPT)
Type B
(female coupler x male NPT)
Type C
(female coupler x hose shank)
Type D
(female coupler x female NPT)
Type E
(male adapter x hose shank)
Type F
(male adapter x male NPT)
Type DC
(dust cap)
Type DP
(dust plug)

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Adapters and Couplers x 150# Flanged Drilling
Size Aluminum
Part #
Part #
Stainless Steel
Part #
1″ 100-AL-SS
1½” 150-AL-SS
2″ 200-AL-AL 200-AL-SS
3″ 300-AL-AL 300-AL-MI 300-AL-SS
4″ 400-AL-AL 400-AL-SS
6″ 600-AL-AL 600-AL-SS
8″ 800-AL-AL
Size Aluminum
Part #
Stainless Steel
Part #
1″ 100-DL-SS
1½” 150-DL-SS
2″ 200-DL-AL 200-DL-SS
3″ 300-DL-AL 300-DL-SS
4″ 400-DL-AL 400-DL-SS
6″ 600-DL-AL 600-DL-SS
8″ 800-DL-AL

Size Stainless Steel
Part #
1″ RDL100EZ
1½” RDL150EZ
2″ RDL200EZ
3″ RDL300EZ
4″ RDL400EZ
6″ RDL600EZ


Dixon Adapters and Couplers x Round Tank Truck Flange
Size Aluminum
Part #
Stainless Steel
Part #
3″ 300-ALT-AL 300-ALT-SS
3″ x 4″ 3040-ALT-AL
4″ 400-ALT-AL 400-ALT-SS
6″ 600-ALT-AL

Size Aluminum
Part #
3″ 300-DLT-AL
3″ x 4″ 3040-DLT-AL
4″ 400-DLT-AL
6″ 600-DLT-AL

Size Part #
4″ x 4″ 40022ALTAL 4″ adapter at a 22½” angle from a round tank truck flange
Size Part # Description
4″ x 4″ 40022DLTAL 4″ coupler at a 22½” angle from a round tank truck flange


Adapters and Couplers with Straight Pipe Thread (NPSM)
Size Aluminum
Part #
4″ 400-AS-AL
Size Aluminum
Part #
Stainless Steel
Part #
4″ ADS400 RDS400
Size Part # Iron
Part #
4″ 400-DS-AL 400-DS-MI

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