Disk Fluidizer

The Disk Fluidizer works effectively to provide aeration, vibration and directional air flow required for rapid unloading of dry bulk trailers and containers.

Product Features •Seals completely to the hopper and wear plate to stop the back flow of product into aeration lines – even when flood loading
•Designed to provide the optimum amount of air volume for efficient pneumatic unloading of your bulk trailer, which allows more airflow, less back pressure and higher unloading rates.
•Durable, food grade silicone resists hardening, cracking, and tearing. Robust design does not have snap retentionlegs that can break off or flimsy disks that crack and wear prematurely
•Material is either a clear-view engineered plastic of an ultra tough grey nylon. Fluidizers component parts are manufactured from F.D.A approved materials and will withstand operating temperatures up to 350°F
•Solimar Fluidizer components can be used as direct replacements for Sure Seal, Fruehauf, Heil or Polar aerators.
•Solimar Fluidizers proven history makes it possible to offer a warranty longer that that of any competitor in the tank truck industry
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